• Irrigation

  • An efficient, automatic sprinkler system is a hassle free element that will likely reduce your water bills and definitely save time and effort.

    Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. has a variety of irrigation products available. We are excited to offer some innovative technologies, relatively new to the market, called "smart controllers".

  • It's easy for an irrigation system to waste water -- common culprits include leaky pipes, broken valves or maladjusted sprinklers, or a malfunctioning irrigation controller. Approximately 50 percent of all water used for irrigation is wasted due to inefficient systems. By contacting Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc., a licensed professional can be scheduled to perform an in depth audit of your irrigation system. Through the audit process your problems can be pinpointed, and recommendations to fix these water-wasting inefficiencies will be provided.

    Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. is a Certified Licensed Professional and can schedule an audit for your system.

  • Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. is licensed to perform any repairs and conduct renovations to both inground and drip systems. Repairs can be minor to major and renovations from small to large - Both inground and drip systems.

  • Irrigation monitoring is completed monthly to assure maximum water conservation. Monthly irrigation monitoring assures any issues with the system that show up, in most cases, can be taken care immediately.  If a larger issue requires attention we'll be there to help. 

    We pride ourselves in conserving water to keep your water bill down. Monitoring can be added to seasonal contracts or treated as a stand alone service contract.

  • Irrigation systems are vulnerable in the winter months to cracks and breaks! Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. can prevent costly damages to your irrigation system with our specialized Winterization Program. When you sign up for our program we will come in fall and turn off the isolation valve to prevent water from entering the system then, using compressed air, we blow the water out of the entire irrigation system to guarantee against freeze damage. Should freeze damage occur, it will be repaired by us at no additional cost to you.

    We return in the spring to turn your water back on, inspect each zone for proper function and leaks, clean the lawn heads, and test the system to assure that your heads are adjusted for proper coverage. We will supply you with a report that lets you know if there are any repairs that are needed. Your phone call into us gets those repairs into our schedule. As a part of our package we also run your required backflow device audit and submit the results to your water purveyor. If you would like to get on our schedule for Irrigation System Package please feel free to contact us.

  • Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. is excited to be a certified service provider of this new and innovative technology for landscape irrigation systems. "Smart Controllers" are the ultimate in sustainable practice for automated irrigation controllers. "Smart Controllers" are controllers that automatically update the watering schedule to allow for changes in water needs throughout the year. So a smart controller will automatically reduce the watering times as the weather gets cooler and less water is needed. Then as the weather begins to warm up, the controller will add more watering time. The exciting thing about some of the controllers we use is that they communicate with a local weather station via satellite to make adjustments in real time based on rainfall, temperature and your properties' irrigation needs. These systems, once in place, secure the perfect balance between current weather conditions and your water usage. In our opinion these "Smart Controllers" are directly efficient in sustainable living environments.