• Landscape Maintenance

  • Regular and conscientious maintenance will beautify your yard, add value to your property and allow your landscape to flourish so that it develops as it was designed.

    Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc.'s regularly scheduled landscape maintenance programs are thorough and innovative. Our detail to attention ensures that all elements of your landscape will conform to the overall plan of the original design.

  • Native plants are beautiful, hardy and once established require less maintenance than a conventional lawn. The native flowers and grasses also function much like a natural system, with diverse plants providing food and shelter for a host of birds, butterflies and beneficial insects. Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. has maintenance contracts for Native Gardens with bi-monthly or monthly visits. Our Native maintenance program primarily focuses on pruning, weed control, raking beds, periodic fertilization, irrigation monitoring and debris removal.

  • Xeriscaping is an exciting even more natural plan then Native Gardens. Where Native Gardens are staged presentations of natural plants and trees, Xeriscaping is a completely natural and indigenous creation. It requires very little, if any, irrigation and maintenance is at a minimum. Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. appreciates Xeriscaping, in that it is an entirely sustainable landscape. It is the completely environmental option.

  • Formal Landscaping can add vivid beauty and significant value to your property. Lawns, beds and flower gardens, when properly cared for, can enhance your property exponentially. Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. recognizes the importance of regular maintenance for Formal Landscaping. We offer a weekly maintenance program which provides the detailing attention your gardens need to continue to flourish.

  • Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. can schedule a pre-emergent weed preventative at your request to control noxious weeds and unwanted vegetation on your property. This is a separate product from our regular maintenance and can be scheduled anytime. We recommend spring and fall as this is the best time to resolve weeds in this way.

  • Maintaining your Accent Lighting can often times be overlooked. Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. not only installs lighting but can schedule periodic or regular maintenance for your Accent Lighting. Services include repairing, replacing, monitoring and bulb replacement. Allowing a lamp or a fixture to fail and exist in a non-working state can be damaging to your lighting, hazardous, and an inefficient overuse of electricity. We are happy to consult with you about your existing Accent Lighting fixtures.