• Spring and Fall

  • Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc offers several spring and fall services for your lawns and gardens.

    A lot of clients think that these products are unnesessary extras. Quite the opposite most of these products should be used annually to create a healthy living environment for your lawns and gardens.

  • Spring and Fall Clean-ups are similar processes. The primary difference between them is the intent of the services. Both services include mowing, edging, line trimming, blowing hardtops, pruning, raking beds, fertilization and irrigation system maintenance. Different plants have different growing schedules so it is important to do some of the pruning in the spring and some in the fall. We use slightly different methods appropriate to the service. With these two products you can insure that your lawns and gardens will be spotless and healthy throughout the entire year. Both of these services are a standard part of our regular commercial and residential maintenance contracts.

  • Dethatching, generally coupled with Aerofication, can be done in the spring or fall. It is a great way to keep your root structures and soils under your lawns healthy and enriched. Thatch is a layer of living and dead grass stems and roots. It is the natural consequence of a healthy lawn. Regular dethatching forces buds to grow near the base of the grass stems and frees the new grass shoots to grow in thick and lush. We recommend thatching annually. At the very least, every two years. Included in our Dethatching and Aerofication products is a fertilizer application directly after the process to allow the new growth the nutrition it needs to be happy and healthy so that your lawn stays beautifully green all year around.

  • The roots of your lawn can suffocate as the soil is compacted. Watering and other environmental elements can compact the soil below your lawn creating an environment such that oxygen can not penetrate the soil. The roots need oxygen. Aeration is the process of mechanically removing plugs of soil and thatch from a lawn. Core aeration reduces soil compaction and allows oxygen to freely enter the soil and root areas. Combined with Dethatching, Aeration is ultra-efficient in soil and root enrichment. Again included in our Aeration products is a fertilizer application directly after the process is completed to allow the root systems the proper nutrients to allow your lawns to flourish.

  • Pruning is a necessary part of complete landscaping in that you must prune and cut plants back in order to ensure that your gardens are growing healthy and staying in line with your original design plan. Most bulbs, bushes, trees and native grasses should be trimmed in fall every year. Often times trees, bushes and plants may need pruning more regularly. Pruning, while necassary, can also be used to maintain the cosmetic standards of our clients. Pruning, like a good number of our other products, is generally included in our maintenance contracts as a regular part of service. However, Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. also offers Pruning as a stand alone service.

  • Whether you just want to update some beds with perennials or annuals or you want to create a whole new element to your property, Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. can take care of your planting. We can plant bulbs in fall for spring. We can plant trees in spring for fall. If you would like to update your property with new or a different variety of plants, flowers, trees or grasses, we would love to help. Deschutes Environmental Services, Inc. is available to discuss your ideas with you.